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We're Passionate About Jump-starting Your Business!

We've fused digital technology with finance to accelerate funding and business success.

Tim and Daniele met at the Oxford University’s Blockchain program. Daniele’s background was in high-finance and starting new businesses; Tim’s background as an early cloud pioneer and entrepreneur, with numerous successful businesses. A perfect match. They envisioned creating an effective platform to avoid all of the time-consuming pitfalls of raising capital and to go straight to the founder’s main issue: fundraising and matchmaking!

Fusion Funder was an idea that was born, by Tim and Daniele, from an intense working session on a winter’s Saturday in New York City. The crowdfunding market has some fundamental problems, and besides liquidity, their centric idea is to empower start-ups and established businesses with tools to validate their business models with less possible capital and shortest time-to-market and strongest user-centric focus.

Capital and Technology are the two fundamental assets that no business can live without. Fusion Funder is a platform company that has built a unique technology to connect Founders with opportunities to scale and grow their companies, now working with North America, Europe, UK, Middle East, Asia and Africa. We are progressively building Fusion Funder as a DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization, leveraging Decentralized Technologies).

For investors and brokers, they wanted to develop an effective tool to engage with companies that fit into their strategic portfolio development and use the Fusion Funder tech platform and due diligence framework to save time and overhead.

Why Fusion?
The Birth of a New Business Universe

With over 2 million hours in blockchain and application development, the digital platform was born.

Fusion: Melding Technology with Capital: The digital tools needed to run an effective campaign, but just as importantly, creating a new digital business model that will scale for the founder and investors. It’s the Fusion of new Digital Technology and Capital.

We've Built and Funded Our Own Companies. We've Created a Better Crowdfunding Journey.

From on-boarding, authentication and smart contracts to connecting securely in a deal room, it’s a plug and play solution never before available. By creating the tools and connecting the dots, investors, brokers and founders are able to make the perfect match seamlessly.

Our Mission

We Fuse Capital and Technology to Connect Founders and Digital Investors in Real-Time in a Secure Virtual Environment

FusionSTX and Fusion Funder are here to create the power in every company that drives capital, builds solid business models and expands good ideas and operations into GREAT companies for all stakeholders.

FusionSTX and BlockCerts Blockchain is a Joint-venture to provide a comprehensive end-to-end global token offering, from deal structuring until trading to secondary market, with global compliance and technology integration.

FusionSTX, registered in UK and under its fully controlled brand, has released a brand-new fiat-crypto and custodian exchange, fully regulated in the EU, that allows easy and liquid access to a new category of digital assets worldwide. They are regulated tokens, such as utility, asset-backed, and in the future, digital securities. It is our mission to change the dynamics of growth capital from $5M and beyond.

At Fusion Funder we attract the projects, businesses and use case that are embracing the massive growth in the digital economy.

Entry Disclaimer

Fusion Funder is a Start-up Crowdfunding Portal ("Site"), operated by Market Signals Trading Corporation and is not registered under Canadian securities legislation. Fusion Funder, and third-party Crowdfunder’s offering investments on this Site, rely on provincial Start-up Crowdfunding exemptions as described in the Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions (Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316, BCI 45-535, ASC BO 45-521, and OSC-45-506). Fusion Funder does not provide advice about the suitability or the merits of any investment offered by third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site.

Please be aware that Start-up Crowdfunding investments offered by third-parties through Fusion Funder are risky. If you choose to invest in third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site, you risk losing all the money you pay for these investments. By accessing this Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Disclaimer and by clicking the Accept button below, you agree to abide by, and consent to, Fusion Funder’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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