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Beyond Pink App

Dr. Bindu Sivasankaran Nair has founded BEYOND Pink App which was released as a short news and content aggregator platform focusing on women.  Currently the App is undergoing a TOTAL transformation to become a very powerful and tool driven App that will be impacting women substantially from FOUR different categories - Health & Safety, Information, Community & Career, and Business Success.  The new features are WIP and will be released in a phased manner in 2021.  Find out more about BEYOND Pink App and how you can get involved as a backer of this amazing business model. 


The BEYOND Pink App has been designed to give more power to millennial & Gen Z women and addresses their growing need to fast forward and be inclusive in the socio-economic spectrum.

We live in a world where the need for diversity, inclusion & belonging are intensely discussed; especially women focused (DIB). Constituting 50% of world’s population, women need powerful platforms that help provide them with insights and tools to enable moving forward faster. BEYOND Pink App provides women with a platform that focuses on information & awareness, total health and safety as well as powerful community interactions.

  • There’s a gender gap in information as well as a lack of reliable sources of relevant information that solve women’s everyday problems
  • Many women lack access to information about mental & reproductive health. Women are twice as likely to experience mental health issues in comparison with men
  • Work and travel safety is under-addressed
  • Community discussion platforms all too often reinforce stereotypes, hence the need for a more powerful platform to discuss many relevant topics that are important for progress & problem solving
  • BEYOND Pink App provides women a powerful integrated solution that currently does not exist
  • Our short news-content feature provides articles specifically curated to bridge the information gap
  • The content we provide is highly relevant and provides useful Insights written by experts from various fields
  • BEYOND Pink App’s safety module ensures safe communications. This module also offers varied other safety support
  • Integrated Health trackers help to manage & track physical, reproductive and general health matters

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