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Businesses need to start, or today, restart to transform their businesses to digital, expand their reach and drive new innovation into the market. Capital is pivotal for companies to achieve this. Every business has specific reasons for raising capital from innovation, to re-engineering their product, grow their teams, or increase production or distribution.

The basic fees for a company are for the cost of set-up, due diligence and listing fee (payable upfront) and a trade fee (payable upon successful closing of the raise). The due diligence and listing fee starts at CD $5,000 and the trade fee starts at 8% cash and participation in the form of upside warrants paid to Fusion Funder.

The basic fee for matchmaking, that is a technology fee to showcase projects that do not meet the crowdfunding eligibility (restricted by jurisdictions), is USD 5,000 payable at set-up.

Fusion Funder we can currently support, via affiliated companies,  crowdfunding in authorized jurisdictions of both companies and investors. We can also create relationships with licensed brokers, who can, based on regulations, facilitate other types of securities. including equity, debt, and SAFE’s (Simple Agreement for Future Equity), or Tokenomic based offerings where allowed.

The track to Get Started with a listing begins here just register and follow the instructions to begin your listing. A member of our Fusion Funder Team will be in touch within 1 business day to discuss your goals and objectives and then help you structure your raise and pair you with your dedicated funding manager.

To find out about any company, find details and learn more, begin by registering here. Once you have chosen an investment, you will be directed to complete the standard offering forms for the company,  and verify your identity for required regulatory compliance. Your subscription will be reviewed in 1 business day. Once approved you will be sent your login credentials that show your investment holdings and connections to information with the company. You’ll always have access to your FusionFunder holdings in your private secure virtual space.

Fusion Funder is a crowdfunding portal, with a license that allows us to work with both companies seeking crowd funding and investors across Canada through expands to Europe and other jurisdictions.

For most companies who don’t want to spend tens of thousands on set-up, legal fees, months of prep time and long technology integration time, this site is for you. Fusion Funder provides a one-stop solution, a portal for companies to register, access disclosures and documents and quickly create your project and access revolutionary new digital tools to support not only the crowdfunding campaign, but to scale your business. Fusion Funder provides exposure through the website, events and to backers. If your company wishes to work on other types of funding campaigns, you will be referred to one of our community firms that fit your needs, and can help based on your goals within the proper regulatory frameworks managed by those firms.

Fusion Funder believes every industry is open for transformation, innovation and growth. We review each business to assess their business, through our due diligence process. If a company fits the Fusion Funder criteria, we help the company organize to begin crowdfunding. The success of any market is matched through diversity of innovation and ideas – Fusion Funder was formed to help companies innovate and grow, and investors participate in the dynamics of the marketplace

Canada: is a Canadian crowdfunding platform under the same umbrella of associated companies. If you have a Canadian Business or live in Canada and want to invest in a Canadian company click on the .ca link and contact us.

Europe: supports companies in Europe and in many jurisdictions.  Fusion Funder provides the technology, set-up, disclosures and solutions to get companies on their quick journey to crowdfunding. Fusion Funder provides matchmaking to allow such companies to interact and connect with potential investors, by having a level of due diligence being provided by platform services. 

Each Company determines their own valuation. Companies may use the Fusion Funder provides the Valuation Storyboard TM to help companies enhance their own methods for determining their valuation as part of the set-up and due diligence process. All valuations are then reviewed and discussed during the due diligence phase in order to establish the most realistic and fair valuation for the company and potential investors.

After signing up, a private portal is created for each company. This is where you will upload materials required for due diligence. Companies are will be guided through our Built For Equity TM workbooks to establish the goals, objectives and structuring of your deal. Companies are assigned a dedicated Fusion Funder Coach who will help bring in other team members, ensure that will the required corporate, financial, management, and other information required to start your campaign is assembled for your company.

Countries have various rules and regulations regarding either “exempt rules” or what is expected for review depending on the type of investors you are looking to bring on board. Thus, we will work with you to structure your offering most efficiently and cost effective depending on your goals and objectives of the raise.

Individuals can invest in as little as £10 and small businesses/start-ups can raise a minimum investment of at least £10,000, with no maximum limit on the amount a company can raise. If you have questions regarding your jurisdiction, contact us.

If you require other types of investment, or amounts, there other options exist that may not fit Fusion Funder crowdfunding. Contact us and we will help you determine how you can raise using the proper methods, based on regulations that cover other types of funding structures and firms that may be able to help you with Accredited Investors, Family, Friends, and Business Associates and exemptions.

As little as £100 and the current limits are based upon each specific company project.

In Canada, Investor limits are determined based on the exemptions that you are using to raise capital.

Under the BC Crowdfunding exemption investors have a limit of $1,500 for each company.

The Ontario Crowdfunding exemption investors have a limit of $2,500 for each company.

There are other types of investors, that may meet different limits for investors, who are interested in investing outside of crowdfunding limits under such models as the Accredited Investors, Family, Friends, and Business Associates and exemptions may make investments if your company is properly structured within regulatory guidelines.   Fusion Funder strictly focuses on the crowdfunding regulations through its portal. We will refer you to members of our community who focus on these types of investments where required.

Depending on your company’s requirements, we typically keep your campaign open for at 30 days to maximum of 120 days. Fundraising takes a lot of work to gain momentum throughout the campaign. We will seek to help you optimize your campaign to provide the best opportunity for a successful raise.

Campaigns are allowed to be as open as the regulations permit by jurisdiction.

Your business is unique. Your management team is unique. Your campaign should be unique as well. Fusion Funder works with your business, through our Fusion Funder Coach to introduce your business vision in the most effective way to reach supporters. Fundraising requires time and hard work; you need to be fully engaged for the best chances of success.

Yes. However, cancellation policies apply during the campaign, and are subject to representations you have made to investors. You will not be refunded your onboarding fee and are subject to cancellation fees.

Once a company has over 50 shareholders, they are required to file a two page Report of Exempt Distribution with the Securities Commission after any subsequent financing.

The Crowdfunding exemption allows you to have more than 50 shareholders. If you have over 50 investors, after a successful campaign, you will need to file a Report of Exempt Distribution.

This report will need to be filed with each province from which you accept new shareholders. Fusion Funder will help guide you through this process and provide you with the completed forms to submit.

The minimum is the amount you need to raise to be able to close your campaign. If you do not hit your minimum then the campaign will end, and all funds will be returned to investors.

Your target raise is the total amount that you are striving to reach in order to fully execute your plans, for this campaign. If you do not reach this amount, but raise the minimum, you will still be able to close and collect the funds.

The maximum raise is the highest amount of capital you are willing to raise, or allowed to raise under the regulations. Once you reach the maximum, the campaign will be closed.

Fusion Funder handles the complexity of processing investors and closing your campaign. All of the legal closing documents for your campaign are in place when an investor makes their investment.

These documents include, Subscription Agreements, Offering Document and KYC. This will save you a significant amount of time and money from a traditional financing approach.

All investors and the businesses authorized signatories sign their investment documents electronically and all forms are stored for your company automatically with each investor record. Making the compliance and closing process assured and seamless.

Once the minimum has been reached, the completed closing documents have been signed and the new shareholders have been verified and added to your Central Corporate Securities Register, Fusion Funder will transfer the funds. If your campaign continues, a closing schedule of every two weeks will be established until you reach your maximum raise, or, end your campaign.

Bringing on new investors can help you build your business community and supporters of your products, services and brand Fusion Funder provides your investors a platform where you keep them engaged and informed. Investors are excited to invest and be owners in companies they believe in, and help them with positive word of mouth.

Fusion Funder is the only platform that enables your company to keep communities engaged, help you communicate frequently with the champions of your vision and keep the crowdfunding spirit alive to drive your success long after your raise on Fusion Funder.

Staying engaged with your investors will help your business via the Fusion Funder communities, with proactive information updates on the company will help expand your footprint, share and spread your mission, vision and message !

Fusion Funder embeds these tools and approaches as part of your foundation, because it is what build brilliant businesses and great companies. At Fusion Funder we drive to deliver community and social marketing from for the life of every business we list.

Entry Disclaimer

Fusion Funder is a Start-up Crowdfunding Portal ("Site"), operated by Market Signals Trading Corporation and is not registered under Canadian securities legislation. Fusion Funder, and third-party Crowdfunder’s offering investments on this Site, rely on provincial Start-up Crowdfunding exemptions as described in the Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions (Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316, BCI 45-535, ASC BO 45-521, and OSC-45-506). Fusion Funder does not provide advice about the suitability or the merits of any investment offered by third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site.

Please be aware that Start-up Crowdfunding investments offered by third-parties through Fusion Funder are risky. If you choose to invest in third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site, you risk losing all the money you pay for these investments. By accessing this Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Disclaimer and by clicking the Accept button below, you agree to abide by, and consent to, Fusion Funder’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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