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Company Lift-Off
Exposure to Create Buzz

Fusion Funder involves our clients in more than just the offering, review how our marketing exposure can expose you to new markets around the globe.

What’s Your Story? Let’s Share It!

In addition to your page video, we create more to place you on a global stage!

As an added benefit to clients, Fusion Funder highlights crowdfunding projects at Global events, in social media, on broadcast YouTube webinars, distributed emails, newsletters and more.

It’s an opportunity to share your story in a global setting!  

What Would You Pay for a Broadcast Booth at a Global Event?

Fusion Funder provides a Speaker Webinar platform at events to provide exposure, a 30-minute video, associated credibility and the opportunity to be on a global stage.

  • The Singapore Fintech Festival, an event with over 100,000 participants
  • The Asian Financial Forum, an investor event with over 5,500 Hong Kong investors
  • Sponsored events by the Canadian Trade Association and others!

Get Involved Now and become a future highlighted Speaker!

Watch a Past Webinar to See Fusion Clients in Action

Social Media and Marketing

In addition to marketing the Fusion Funder website, as an added bonus, clients have received benefits in more ways than just the Fusion Funder site..

  • Targeted Social Media posts
  • Email broadcasts and new listing marketing
  • The World from Here Webcast Highlight

We treat our clients like they’re part of the family

Reserve Your Spot Now!

Future Speaking Series Go Quickly Get Registered and Get in the Fusion Funder Flow

During your deal room set-up, we’ll ask you for specific content that will help us create the next event. We only reserve speaker events for those registered 30 days in advance. Spots are limited, so reserve yours today. We’ll connect with you in your deal room about next steps.

Entry Disclaimer

Fusion Funder is a Start-up Crowdfunding Portal ("Site"), operated by Market Signals Trading Corporation and is not registered under Canadian securities legislation. Fusion Funder, and third-party Crowdfunder’s offering investments on this Site, rely on provincial Start-up Crowdfunding exemptions as described in the Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions (Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316, BCI 45-535, ASC BO 45-521, and OSC-45-506). Fusion Funder does not provide advice about the suitability or the merits of any investment offered by third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site.

Please be aware that Start-up Crowdfunding investments offered by third-parties through Fusion Funder are risky. If you choose to invest in third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site, you risk losing all the money you pay for these investments. By accessing this Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Disclaimer and by clicking the Accept button below, you agree to abide by, and consent to, Fusion Funder’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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