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Fund New Growth & Harness
New Business Models

Fusion Funder removes the greatest initial risks to business start-ups. By combining the evolution of technology with capital – like the science of fusion, we present a powerful energy for business models and entrepreneurs to raise capital and succeed.

Embracing the Massive Growth in the Digital Economy for Your Business

Fusion Funder highlights crowdfunding projects using its breakthrough blockchain business model for listing projects and integrating their revolutionary new technologies that scale businesses globally.

Become one of the new rising stars of the digital age and get started with Fusion Funder!.

Experience is the greatest teacher! We’ve used the Fusion of our own technology platform, through and BCERTin APPs to create a new business model – combining the power of the multi-trillion dollar technology – software model, with the multi-trillion dollar financial market.

Why does this matter – look at the statistics under the old model of business start-up to success, or failures

Equity Crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is a unique form of capital raise that allows start-ups and early-stage companies the ability to fund their business by providing investors small stakes in a company through traditional stocks or bonds. Fusion Funder goes farther to provide a tokenized manner (digitized ownership on the blockchain). Fusion Funder provides the platform to accelerate success from the foundation of a project.

Transparent Cost. Fast Forward.

In the past, there weren’t many options for raising capital for new businesses and entrepreneurs. Legal costs were high and options were limited. Today, Fusion Funder provides the platform to quickly get started and at a cost that won’t break the bank. Pricing is based on two components: an initial platform fee and a success fee subtracted from raised funds. Click Below to see the pricing page to get started...

The Fusion Edge and Hedge – Master the Art of The Pivot

Fusion Funder is an exciting formula that delivers a new platform that increases the odds of success. The magic is combining collaborative and decentralized to scale new business models as opposite to traditional frameworks.

Companies achieve higher productivity, big cost savings and lower risks , while securing everything so they can move mountains for their business.

The Fusion Edge and Hedge

Based on our massive experience in creating, engaging and documenting hundreds of companies and teams, we have created a formula to deliver a platform that increases the odds of success – we deliver the edge for business.

More importantly, Fusion is the first company to ever provide the “hedge” to businesses to engage in a successful pivot, recovery and even a restart.

Is Your Business the Next Big Deal?

Fusion Funder supports great ideas, new business innovation and new digital business models, the next big thing developing in this digital world. It starts with a new digital platform with blockchain applications to empower digital entrepreneurs building disruptive businesses.

It’s where new products and businesses get launched and where investors benefit from getting in early.

Growth, New Jobs, New Opportunities

Governments and the private sector have been focused on creating new ways of incenting start-ups, funding new businesses, creating new jobs and fueling the economy. The past regulations made it difficult, costly and restrictive for new businesses to attract investment capital. As a result, Equity Crowdfunding was born.

Are There Investor Limits?

Yes, there is a $1,500 limit to the amount an investor can purchase in any one company. Fusion Funder places you in front of numerous prospects to see your opportunity.

How Do I Get Started?

And receive the full details for funding your business!

“By integrating the client authentication, private keys and other BlockCerts tech, it’s a game-changer for our industry.”

David Conclaves - Founder & CEO, Vine Mortgage | Project - Lender Key

“We are utilizing Fusion Funder and BlockCerts Secure platform with their IDCERTin - Integrated KYC/AML onboarding process to bring on new players and bettors onto our platform and funding to our business. This provides the eSports and Gaming Industry ease of transactions and transparency to all who are involved.

Jay Cowles, Co-Founder, VIP Bets Calgary, CA

Today we have evolved and structured the business framework to introduce the first marketplace of its kind specifically designed to supply growth capital for new business models of the future, that was never available yesterday.

Daniel Mensi, President, FusionSTX Rome, Italy

Entry Disclaimer

Fusion Funder is a Start-up Crowdfunding Portal ("Site"), operated by Market Signals Trading Corporation and is not registered under Canadian securities legislation. Fusion Funder, and third-party Crowdfunder’s offering investments on this Site, rely on provincial Start-up Crowdfunding exemptions as described in the Start-up Crowdfunding Registration and Prospectus Exemptions (Multilateral CSA Notice 45-316, BCI 45-535, ASC BO 45-521, and OSC-45-506). Fusion Funder does not provide advice about the suitability or the merits of any investment offered by third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site.

Please be aware that Start-up Crowdfunding investments offered by third-parties through Fusion Funder are risky. If you choose to invest in third-party Crowdfunder’s through the Site, you risk losing all the money you pay for these investments. By accessing this Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this Disclaimer and by clicking the Accept button below, you agree to abide by, and consent to, Fusion Funder’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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